About Us

luigi esposito pizza fritta surry hills

To understand the inspiration behind Pizza Fritta 180, first you need to meet founder and head chef Luigi Esposito. Yep, that’s him – the man with the big spectacles and bigger smile! Luigi is no stranger to bringing his native flavours to Sydney – with the wood-fired pizza institutions of Via Napoli, his other popular Italian-made creations.

With Pizza Fritta 180, Luigi wanted to take people back to his early days selling pizza fritta on the street in Naples with his Nonna. In particular, he was passionate about the portability and mouth-watering appeal of the traditional ‘pizza of the people’, pizza fritta – with their crunchy airy exterior revealing a gooey, flavour-packed treasure trove of tastiness inside.

To capture that casual community street-corner ‘drop in and dine’ vibe that Luigi craved, first we needed a street corner! Two such streets, Crown and Foveaux in Surry Hills, stepped up to the plate and our vibrant little bar and restaurant was born early 2020!

We pack our menu full of some tasty stuff, but the most important ingredient is fun. (And if you think that sounds cheesy, just wait till you see how cheesy we make each fritta!) There’s just something about the oddly shaped, hand-held gooey goodness of a pizza fritta that brings out the humour and good times. Whether it’s tossing dough or sharing a laugh with guests, we love to bring a smile to everyone who walks through the door.

Oh – and the 180. Some think it’s in reference to the “complete 180” that your life will do when you first try this disturbingly delicious fare. We actually like that one, but the official 180 degrees is the oil temperature that each fritta gets to enjoy during their 60 seconds of flash-fried fame!

And that’s us. Thanks for visiting our site and taking an interest in the story behind Pizza Fritta 180.  Luigi and our entire team are making sure this unique Naples staple is here to stay – having fun and providing you with a little taste of Italy, one bite at a time…